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 Suffering? Pain or Gain 
ToThemThat Overcome
I am but one of millions of people who has overcome by the blood of the lamb and the words of my testimony. 

  My birth mother gave me away shortly after I was sexually abused at a very young age by a family member. That later turned into more abuse by a step mother after the loss of my daddy at the age of twelve. She would lock me up in the bathroom as a child at night. I remember playing in that small room pretending I was someone important, someone special. I started drinking and doing drugs at thirteen. I was abused by many men she would have at our house and getting high or drunk was my way of coping. As long as I was inebriated the pain of being physically beat or sexually exploited didn't seem to matter. I ran away from home at the age of fourteen and hit the streets. I was raped on the streets, kidnapped, beaten and left for dead. I tried to commit suicide four times.

  One day as I was working I bent over and blew two disks out in my back. I had surgery to fix my back but became addicted to several different pain medications. Then one day I cried out to God. I basically demanded that if He was real then I wanted to see or feel Jesus. Well a few days later I woke up in a hospital room and I had seen and felt Jesus. Jesus reached down and saved me. When I woke up I was completely changed. I knew love, I knew Jesus, and I had finally touched the hem of His garment. I had God in me and I knew that He loved me. I became a whole different person. I started letting go of all the hurts from my childhood. His love saved me and I am an overcomer.
 I know through all the abuse and pain God really was there. And now whatever I face in life I know God is with me.

Deborah went through traumatic pain and suffering throughout her life. Even in a childhood filled with physical, sexual, and emotional abuse. Deborah always seemed to find her happy place. Her book reveals how Jesus has healed her brokenness and empowered her to be an overcomer. Her message of pain is one that shows God can restore what the enemy wanted to destroy. She is now helping others find true peace and joy through the words of her testimony.

Deborah Whitfield is an inspirational speaker of Christian principals of overcoming. The author of, "Touching the Hem of His Garment." She not only survived a childhood of unthinkable abuses, but she also discovered how to find true happiness. Through her adult life she has come to find that in the presence of Christ is where her true happiness and joy are and that God’s faithfulness to His Word is sure, no matter how far you have gone. 

She is a graduate of Agape School of World Evangelism with a Ministerial Diploma. She currently attends and serves at Agape Church in Little Rock AR. under Pastor Happy and Jeanne Caldwell.  
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​           Biblical Principals of Overcoming

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                            God's  Healing Power
Take a journey into Deborah’s healing process from a chronic illness. Deborah was told she was going die from three different doctors. She gave up on God and her faith only to find her way back after Touching The Hem. A story she grabbed onto in the Bible. God not only restored her faith in Him, but gave her new hope in fighting to live. Deborah’s liver was totally healed by God. And she was later completely cured from the disease that was in her blood. Although her healing took place over several years it took her through a journey of pain, fear, depression, hopelessness, as mental torment took over her life and the disease took over her physical body. Her story is inspiring as she shares how she truly became an overcomer. 

Coming soon Touching the Hem revisited. New printed edition of Deborah's journey through a chronic illness. An inspiring story of God's healing power.